Alfabank is a commercial bank that was established in 1990 by Mikhail Fridman, who still owns it along with his colleagues Petr Aven and Lord Browne. 4 years later, the Alfa Group was formed that stands currently behind the platform. The facility started growing with the membership in MasterCard and Europay card system. With offices in London and Kazakhstan, it was declared several times the best bank of Russia.

Alfabank highlights

The bank actively develops technologies. In 2015, it released wristwatches functioning as debit cards on the PayPass technology. The device doesn’t require a PIN code for payments. The developers also came up with the Alfa-Touch app allowing the creation of a non-personalized card on PayPass that can be used for a year. Also, in 2015, the bank presented contactless ATMs and installed them in the branches of the facility to contribute to better user experience and improvement of security. The bank also developed the technology to help disabled users. The technology was employed in bioelectric prostheses, which were specially designed with a mount. It could help this category of customers to pay with a contactless card easily.

Alfabank is an acquiring bank that implements and operates the payment gateway. Concluding the agreement with the bank, a retail business establishment sells commodities or services through a website. The facility presents a fully digital solution for social media stores, e-commerce websites, and other companies that need to integrate a payment module to the resource.

When buyers place orders and proceed to payment, the registration request is sent to the payment gateway, which sends a unique identifier in return. It is necessary to redirect shoppers to the payment form. After the browser’s requests of the page, the payment page is displayed where users select the payment method. It is also possible to pay through SBP (fast payment service) and instant invoice service that launches a similar scenario to the one described above. Merchants can find the documentation displaying the method of the API integration. The bank helps merchants to activate the system and start working as soon as possible.

There are modules and plugins for different popular CMS. Also, it is possible to add the code written by the team to implement integration in case the online store is based on a unique CMS. Those who don’t want to integrate the system to the website, can send bills through any convenient system. It can be done via SMS, email, social media, or messengers.

Alfabank benefits

  • Merchants can open accounts for free. 
  • The bank charges 1% for the service.
  • The fee is 1% for acquiring (fee depends on a plan and volume of sales).
  • The transactions are 3D secure to prevent fraud.
  • It is possible to pay easily with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • The team has developed convenient apps for users on the go.
  • It is possible to send the bill without the necessity of integration to the website.
  • The team of the bank helps to integrate the software to the site of the merchant.
  • There is a comprehensive package of documentation with detailed guides showing how to connect different modules to the system.

How to connect to the system

As was mentioned above, the bank offers a variety of methods to integrate the payment module to the merchant’s site. The team of the bank developed different modules to make the procedure fast and smooth. It also presents an example of the code to help to integrate the payment system to the website. Merchants should contact the team to connect to the system. 


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