Secure Trading

Secure Trading is a privately held company that was based in 1997. The company behind the brand is UC Group, so the brand is its subsidiary. The payment services are operated under the name Trust Payment Secure Trading. The payment processing solutions provider is headquartered in London’s Canary Wharf, but also has branches in the USA. Merchants can connect to the service to take advantage of its possibility to operate worldwide.

Being an independent processor that doesn’t belong to the bank, Secure Processing is unbiased and can recommend the banks that suit their clients depending on the type of business and other details. The consultants can also help their users with the most appropriate shopping carts and e-commerce partners. The products developed by the brand cater to the needs of SMEs and large companies. Even huge corporations can use the service successfully.

Benefits of Secure Trading

The integration of the PSP with major banks helped to become compatible with popular and widely used shopping carts. The main benefits offered by the payment solutions providers include numerous payment options, easily customized payment pages, and competitive pricing.

The company also thinks about the reputation of merchants, therefore, added counter-fraud services to protect its users. It is also worth mentioning that the company has a flawless reputation. It is secure and reliable in the eyes of users. Its level-1 PCI DSS compliant payment gateway is able to process billions of online transactions annually. The website of the company can boast an excellent uptime record.

The team of Secure Trading developed the in-house software solution to help businesses integrate with their service and make this process smoother. Merchants shouldn’t worry about technical complications or some problems that can arise when connecting to the service as a dedicated support team is always at your disposal. You can apply to qualified specialists at any time of the day or night without days off. It is better to make a call for a faster response.

Secure Trading products include a virtual terminal with a simple and convenient UI. Merchant Services are offered by the platform at the most profitable terms. The experts of the company help to set up the merchant account to start trading without delay. There is an opportunity to select the best acquirer for a merchant and negotiate the lowest rates for them.

Merchants can accept payments by phone or mail. The team developed an online payment gateway that features fast, trustworthy performance and 99.7% uptime. It means that successful completion of the checkout process is almost guaranteed to customers.

Secure Trading software gives the possibility of extensive monitoring for merchants. The reporting suite is also available for them so it’s possible to control the activity easily with the help of the service’s functionality.

Secure Trading fees

Merchants using standalone virtual terminals will have to pay from 10 EUR on a monthly basis. It costs 75 EUR to set up an account. The rates for credit card processing begin from 2% for the transaction, while the debit card processing costs 25p.

How to connect to the service

You should contact Trust Payments Ltd. and fill out the form offered on their official website to connect to the service.


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