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About ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide is a US-based payment systems company headquartered in Miami. The company specializes in the development of software that alleviates electronic payments. It is widely used throughout the world. The main clients include financial companies, merchants, intermediaries, payment processors, and banks. ACI Worldwide has offices in 34 countries. The portfolio of the brand is extensive, covering card transactions, settlement, clearing, fraud detection, and much more. The company brings expanding reach in insurance, education, healthcare, consumer finance, mortgage, and other market segments.

In 2019, ACI Worldwide acquired Speedpay, which is a bill pay business launched by Western Union. After it merged the platform with Speedpay, the company received a unified solution with the capability to support billions of transactions. The suite of solutions it purchased with the company helps customers increase revenues while reducing fraud losses.

The company founded in 1975 has been improving its software for years so now it uses proven and scalable payments solutions for all spheres involved in the payment industry such as issuing, acquiring, processing, and banking. It integrates all popular channels within the payments platform giving preference to highly configurable payment solutions to contribute to the process of innovation performed by merchants.

Benefits of using ACO Worldwide

In 2021, the company signed an agreement with RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc that enabled 80K merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments with zero processing fees. 

Merchants can benefit from the flexibility of the company with numerous deployment options. They experience an agnostic approach to terminal vendors and acquirers, paying attention to interoperability across the systems.

ACI Worldwide develops robust software to help merchants deliver a superb online, in-store, and mobile payment service. The use of simplified payments improves the experience and increases conversions. The goal of the network is to continue expansion to enable easy domestic and international payments from any place in the world.  It is easy to get payments for merchants via fast payment gateway and do it safely keeping to strict customer authentication requirements under PSD2. Also, peer-to-peer encryption protecting payment data contributes to the security of the platform.

The features introduced by the team decrease the rate of cart abandonment. Sometimes it’s enough to accelerate the payments and alleviate the procedure of payment to achieve that. But it’s possible to do even more with tailored payment pages deployed by the company. The solution enables one-click checkout, in-store digital wallets, in-app payments, and other features. There is also a capability to view all transactions in a single, unified view that is convenient if you want to analyze your merchant’s activity. Payment analytics with actionable data insights helps to maximize profits.

One integration via an Open RESTful API is needed to attain global payments connectivity.  The service helps to get rid of friction, improves the convenience when payments are performed. The system also allows the creation of personalized experiences with a cross-channel view of personal information. The service-oriented architecture of the platform creates an unrivaled industry experience.

Merchants can enable omni-commerce payments with dedicated support that delivers active assistance while tailored risk-free strategies are implemented.

The software delivered by ACI Worldwide has a thoroughly developed intuitive UI with a cross-browser capability. Thanks to it, the platform is available on any device. More than 300 APIs contained in a digital banking library allow offering multiple features to customers. Those who want to join them, should connect the service and send the request to the support.



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