requirementsThe system set-up is fast and simple. Our technical staff is highly experienced and will have you up and running in no time.

You would need to provide us with 2 domains. One for the Business Intelligence Panel and another to host the payment page.

After that we do the rest of the configuration just the way you want it.


optionsAkurateco provides the simplest and cheapest integration method to start accepting payments online. It’s easy to set up. When customers reach the checkout stage, they will be redirected to Akurateco’s payment pages.

This integration method requires you to have your own server to communicate with our payment systems and to store additional transaction information. You won’t need to handle card details but we recommend you get an SSL certificate. Shoppers will be redirected to Akurateco’s payment pages during the checkout process.


apiIf you work with integration, you have to have to possess good understanding of Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which are tools that make it possible to manage software applications. While invisible to end users, APIs are essential for communication between programs. Basically, an open API is one in which an organization publishes its software to be shared freely. A startup, for example, may want to open its API, as doing so encourages third parties to use its software.

  • Recurring options
  • Product management
  • Amount management
  • Transaction management

However takes a bit more time in comparison with Hosted Payment Page one (from our experience it is 2-3 days of programmers work).

Hosted Payment Page

hostedAkurateco’s ready-to-use Hosted payment page (HPP) allows you to control the appearance and functionality of your pages, with all transactions routed through Akurateco’s server. Moreover, our HPP supports over 250 payment methods and allows you to support payments in any major or emerging e-commerce market.

Hosted Payment Page integration is the easiest and fastest way to start; it can be done in 1 day.

In this case end customer is just being redirected to Akurateco payment page with predefined price and after that purchase is being done.