With 15+ of experience under its belt, Akurateco is channeling its immense expertise into designing cutting-edge white-label products to help merchants across numerous industries gain full control over their payment flow. Below you’ll find some of a wide range of benefits of our white-label products for your business.

Routing and cascading

  • Full-scale and highly flexible transaction routing customizable to the needs and parameters requested by the user including country of the payment card issuer, customer’s IP, transaction currency, etc;
  • Customizable cascading to increase conversion by 30%;
  • Cascading transactions between multiple channels to increase transaction approval ratio by 20%;
  • 3DS transactions processing via non-3DS channels in case of frozen transactions.


Dispute and decline reason management

  • User-friendly error code notifications with detailed explanations on each;
  • Tracking the error codes of all the channels;
  • Full compliance with Visa / MasterCard Dispute Resolution Flow
  • Missing documents notifications and real-time dispute status monitoring
  • Significant increase in a number of disputes resolved in the merchant’s favor without the involvement of Arbitration


Billing and smart invoicing

  • Flexible billing structure and detailed transactions report with commissions
  • Calculation of the affiliate program commission
  • Issued invoices history and simple creation and distribution of clients’ invoices
  • Invoice template customization and top-notch tax bookkeeping
  • Invoice payment status and notifications



  • Manage and do reconciliation of all incoming payments.
  • A flexible software architecture that allows to adapt the reconciliation mechanism to a bank statement of any format
  • Identification of mismatches that require the participation of the Support Manager
  • Notification to the involved parties in case of a transaction status change in the back office


Anti-fraud solutions

  • Real-time check of each payment by more than 100 parameters
  • A wide range of block rules with cumulative fraud score based on each rule and parameter checked
  • Different verification scenarios for regular and recurring payments 
  • Integration with the state-of-the-art third-party anti-fraud software like MaxMind and Sift Science to apply neural networks and AI for improved risk assessments