Charge advisor

Charge Advisor is a state-of-the-art fraud and chargeback prevention system developed by Akurateco. Powered by live machine learning and AI, it studies the merchant’s historical data and builds a fraud detection model based on the real-time machine learning methods for immediate results.

Charge Advisor aims to:

  • detect and identify specific events (fraud, chargeback) in the clients’ payment traffic;
  • eliminate completely or minimize the negative effect of these events;
  • optimize the payment flow using system recommendations on transaction approval, cross-sell, cost reduction, etc.

How Charge Advisor works:

  • The system analyzes multiple transaction-related parameters and identifies the meaningful indicators;
  • Evaluates these parameters in regard to their influence on the above-mentioned indicators;
  • Scores each transaction;
  • Blocks potentially dangerous transactions according to the predefined configuration.

Charge Advisor is not only first-class technology for fraud and chargeback prevention but also a reliable go-to solution for growing a transaction approval ratio. With it, our clients got to prevent a growing number of declined transactions and strengthen their credibility.

The system is quite flexible and customizable and therefore meets the needs of even the most demanding customer. An immense transaction database from different business types allows us to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent chargebacks before they hurt your business in any way.