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Frontend Developer

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• 2+ years of experience in software development;
• Previous experience with Vue.js (v. 2+), Sass / CSS, TypeScript;
• Understanding of the basics of software development (OOP, design patterns, DDD, SOLID, REST API design);
• Ability to write clean code.Will be a plus:
• FE implementation with Symfony 4.x and / or 5.x


• Participation in the development of a new high load project of the company;
• Writing reusable and efficient code;
• Being a team player and taking part in discussions / meetings and decision-making process.


We offer:
• Fully remote work for the period of quarantine;
• Fair remuneration;
• Flexible working hours: starting workday in the time interval from 8.00 till 10.00, ending from 17.00 till 19.00;
• Modern management focused on the development of employees;
• An open-minded and involved team.